Dust Bolt

Are you ready? DUST BOLT from Landsberg am Lech in beautiful Bavaria are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2019 and will punch you right in the face with their thrash metal!

It’s been four long years since the band played at SUMMER BREEZE the last time. But now they’re coming back with an album that must not hide behind the recent releases from the Big Four of thrash. The BOLTies have been playing together since 2006 already and have gained quite some live experience. That’s also why they’re known for their energy-laden shows. So, dear thrash fans, rejoice and get ready, because DUST BOLT are the most amazing shit in the young, wild German thrash scene!


Chaos Possession - EP (2010)
Violent Demolition - Album (2012)
Awake The Riot - Album (2014)
Mass Confusion - Album (2016)
Trapped In Chaos - Album (2019 )

Live @ Summer Breeze