FEUERSCHWANZ = medieval folk comedy rock with mead, woman and song. FEUERSCHWANZ also = nonstop party at SUMMER BREEZE 2018!

When you have lubricated your throats with enough mead in time for the FEUERSCHWANZ show, the gleemen will ask you for a dance. Knowing you, you will be happy to oblige and lay down a proper ‘Drachentanz’ (‘Dragon Dance’). So saddle your horses, fill up what needs filling up – SUMMER BREEZE will start a ‘Niemals Endendes Gelage’ (‘Never Ending Drinking Spree’) with FEUERSCHWANZ, so be there!



Prima Nocte - Album (2005)
Met & Miezen - Album (2007)
Drachentanz - Live-Album (2008)
Metvernichter - Album (2009)
Wunsch ist Wunsch - Album (2011)
Walhalligalli - Album (2012)
Auf´s Leben - Album (2014)
10 Jahre Feuerschwanz - Live - Live-Album (2015)
Sex Is Muss - Album (2016)