Harakiri For The Sky

They are currently receiving praise everywhere and are already handled as then next big thing in the post black metal field: HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY!

And rightfully so! If you dig this kind of sound and don’t have ‘Arson’, the Austrians’ current album, on rotation, you probably cannot be helped. HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY already sounded convincing when they first formed, but their progress, which can be traced over the span of their four albums, is truly remarkable. Variety, inventiveness, songwriting class and an amazing feeling for melodies make HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY stand out in 2018 more than ever! We look forward to welcoming this band for the second time at SUMMER BREEZE and are certain that HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY easily have the potential to count among the really big bands in the melodic (post) black metal genre very soon! All hail!



Harakiri For The Sky - Album (2012)
Aokigahara - Album (2014)
III: Trauma - Album (2016)
Arson - Album (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze