Parasite Inc.

Finest melodic death metal from German lands is what our next confirmation, the Swabians PARASITE INC., have been offering for years.

From the beginning the band built a strong fan base, which they even managed to expand with their 2013 album ‘Time Tears Down’. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting a new PARASITE INC. album, and for SUMMER BREEZE 2018 it will finally arrive! PARASITE INC. are going to play an album release show, as their new killer album ‘Dead And Alive’ will be released during the festival. Our promise: rejoice, because on ‘Dead And Alive’ the guys have even stepped up their game, without leaving their trademarks behind. The album is exciting from start to finish, which means the PARASITE INC. show at SUMMER BREEZE 2018 is going to be great! Get there!



Parasite Inc. - Album (2010)
Time Tears Down - Album (2013)
Dead And Alive - Album (2018)