Friday 18:35 – 19:35 @ T-Stage Running Order

This next confirmation is equal to a good beating because WHITECHAPEL have announced they are coming!

Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, the band led by screaming Phil Bozeman has got a reputation for being a great live act, a status they have cemented during many tours through the old world. So all fans of modern death metal / deathcore should start getting in shape, because at the WHITECHAPEL show in Dinkelsbühl there will not only be energy draining mosh pits en masse, but also stage divers flying through the air every second. This means you must be prepared, otherwise you will only be a witness and not a protagonist. And who would NOT want to experience the songs off the new, crushing album ‘Kin’ from the very front? You know it…


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Live @ Summer Breeze

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