Fans of hearty food can rejoice, as our next confirmation presented here is exactly the right stuff for Death ‘n’ Grind-Maniacs: BENIGHTED come to Dinkelsbühl in 2022!

The French have played their way to become a true constant in the Death-/Grind area over the past few years; but who is actually surprised about that, since BENIGHTED have played their asses sore. Consequently, the hard-working band is now earning the laurels of success, without ever giving in. The guys are still hot as hell and continue to blast from all their barrels. You can look forward to a nice French banging in Dinkelsbühl at the SUMMER BREEZE 2022.






For Fans Of...


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Icon - Album (2007)
Asylum Cave - Album (2011)
Carnivore Sublime - Album (2014)
Brutalive The Sick - Live-Album (2015)
Necrobreed - Album (2017)