Heaven Shall Burn

This news is worth toasting to! Most of you will be excited when reading the next confirmation: HEAVEN SHALL BURN!

Finally, these gentlemen will make their way to Dinkelsbühl again for SUMMER BREEZE 2022. They will play one out of only three festival shows they have lined up in Germany that year! So do not miss this chance to experience their overwhelming power and energy on stage. Those of you who still remember their last performance in Dinkelsbühl know what you’re in for with HSB – and that the upcoming show will be nothing short of a blast! Missing this spectacle will be something you’ll regret for years. So: chop chop! Get your tickets, highlight them in your running order and let’s go!

Band merchandise available at EMP!


For Fans Of...


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In Battle... (There Is No Law) - Album (2002)EMP
Whatever It May Take - Album (2002)EMP
Antigone - Album (2004)EMP
Deaf To Our Prayers - Album (2006)EMP
Iconoclast - Album (2008)EMP
Bildersturm - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance) - DVD (2009)EMP
Bildersturm - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance) - Live-Album (2009)EMP
Invictus - Album (2010)EMP
Veto - Album (2013)EMP
Wanderer - Album (2016)EMP