This next confirmed band like to visit SUMMER BREEZE every now and then, even if they have to come all the way from the Finnish forests. KORPIKLAANI!

The Finnish folk metal band enjoys a super high status among you, which is not surprising as their humppa songs don’t leave anyone in the crowd indifferent. Paired with a good dose of heaviness and sizzling guitars, there’s somewhat of a festive atmosphere at every KORPIKLAANI show. And that’s going to be the case again in Dinkelsbühl, where the northmen will present a motley potpourri of career highlights. Drinking horns out, fur boots on, vocal cords moistened and off you go!



Spirit Of The Forest - Album (2003)
Voice Of Wilderness - Album (2005)
Tales Along This Road - Album (2006)
Tervaskanto - Album (2007)
Korven Kuningas - Album (2008)
Karkelo - Album (2009)
Ukon Wacka - Album (2011)
Manala - Album (2012)
Noita - Album (2015)