Omnium Gatherum

We have obviously heeded your plea for more melodic death metal, booking a real jewel from this genre with OMNIUM GATHERUM, a band with the potential to turn into one of your favourite bands, like some of their Finnish and Swedish counterparts.

With their highly melodic compositions, they are the perfect fodder for fans of Insomnium, Rapture, Wolfheart and Dark Tranquillity – without copying any of these. OMNIUM GATHERUM perfectly understand how to turn bittersweet melancholy into sound, but they complement it with a decent touch of prog. The mix of melody and aggression and melody they deliver is exactly what you are all thisting for! So definitely check out OMNIUM GATHERUM at their show at SUMMER BREEZE 2018! Nuff said.



Steal The Light - EP (2002)
Spirits And August Light - Album (2003)
Years In Waste - Album (2004)
Stuck Here On Snakes Way - Album (2007)
The Redshift - Album (2008)
New World Shadows - Album (2011)
Beyond - Album (2013)
Grey Heavens - Album (2016)