What is it that can’t possibly be missing from SUMMER BREEZE 2019? Exactly! Brutal death metal! Specifically the one played by ABORTED!

For over 20 years now ABORTED have been bringing extreme death metal to the stages, the masses to the festivals and the fans to the mosh pits. The Belgians are coming to Dinkelsbühl for the fifth time, and they have managed to absolutely kill it at every single one of their previous SUMMER BREEZE appearances. This time the metal mob also has a new album titled ‘Terrorvision’ in the bag. So lubricate your voices to shout along and prepare your tired old bones for some heavy mosh pit action!



The Purity Of Perversion - Album (1999)
Engineering The Dead - Album (2001)
Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done - Album (2003)
The Haematobic EP - EP (2004)
The Archaic Abattoir - Album (2005)
The Auricular Chronicles - DVD (2006)
Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture - Album (2007)
Strychnine.213 - Album (2008)
Coronary Reconstruction - EP (2010)
Global Flatline - Album (2012)
The Necrotic Manifesto - Album (2014)
Termination Redux - EP (2016)
Retrogore - Album (2016)
Bathos - EP (2017)
Terrorvision - Album (2018)